Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wednesday May 26th, 2010

There I've done it, I bit the bullet and finally put my beloved 'Scribblenauts' and its Offial Guidebook up for sale on eBay. Despite playing it and completing it I was still somewhat reluctant to let it go, I don't know why really because I doubt I'd ever play it again (especially with the new 'Professor Layton' game coming out at the rear end of the year). I had been dead set on putting it up on eBay yesterday but I was so bummed out after the death of Paul Gray I didn't bother instead I just ate loads of Sainsbury's Cheese Puffs, amazing aren't they? (for those not in the know Paul Gray was actually the bassist for the legendary band that is SLIPKNOT, of whom I am a very big fan). Selling my worldly goods is my attempt at raising capital for what I've named 'Helen's bead fund'. My target stands at £60, enough to go on a huge splurge that in theory should keep me quiet for a while, in between watching The World Cup of course. As I write (or type rather) my current total stands at...drumroll please...£3.85, ok so it's a start, even Sir Richard Branson had to start somewhere.

I skipped happily up the High Street to purchase the newly released edition of 'Bead Magazine', well there was actually a repatriation today so it was a rather a sombre trip up town, I stood by paying my respects then flitted off home. Nibbling on a scone (I was all out of cheese puffs) I sifted through the magazine and before I knew it all these ideas leapt right at me like thet were fresh salmon. I was particulary interested in the rosary style necklace and think I'm going to very bravely attempt it or at least something that resembles it. Anyone who knows mw will be aware that I don't actually go out to replicate the design entirely, instead I merely use it as a template and add to it my own eccentric personal twist that makes it that bit more unique, the other reason I never copy from others designs is that in my case the piece will never end up looking as good as the one I'm copying. Amongst its pages were also some rather delightful seed bead pieces, now I will learn this trade at some point, as soon as finances allow. Back in the day when I was a hardcore novice I didn't entirely understand the idea of seed beads, I was obviously familiar with what they were and what they could be used for, however, I was ignorant to the concept of sizing so blissfully unaware I went out and bought loads pf them. On further examination I remember thinking 'good golly gosh, they are a trifle small' being a glasses wearer I could only just about see them let alone bead myself a masterpiece. Anyhow it later transpired that I'd only gone and bought 15/0 the smallest size going and for that reason they're pretty much useless, still you live, you learn.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday May 16th, 2010

Firstly dear loyal readers I would like to apologise for my lack of entries over this past week or so but there has been a bereavement in the family, my little baby hamster alias HAMMY tragically had to be put down. She was 2 and a half and had contracted a fatal illness. I'm coming to terms with it now but it broke my little heart and I have a lump in my throat as I'm typing this but I'm feeling a little better today. HAMMY was the first hamster me & Matty got together, we do have another one called MUI MUI who is a year old and we're going to get another one soon. HAMMY will never, ever be forgotten - ever. It's comforting to know that she had the best life we could ever give her and she'll be remembered for the way she lived instead of the way she died. R-I-P little HAMMY.

Moving on, I finally grew a pair and sent the infamous silver necklace and earrings to my mother as a very, very belated Mother's Day gift. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous by her reaction, I knew she finished work at the Bradford University at 4:00pm so I waited anxiously for her text, it was like the jewellery makers equivalent of waiting for exam results. When my phone vibrated at 4:18pm I jumped out of my skin (I choose to have it on vibrate because ringtones and message beeps made me jump, for a while I considered ordering a variety of gun shot ones from Andy McNab's website but living next to RAF Lyneham it probably wouldn't be the smartest of moves so I decided against it), I tentatively reached for my phone and read 'O2 have new offers, check out our website for further details...' or something along those lines. Groaning I was about to put the phone back when it went again, this time it was my mum and it turns out she loved them them all and went as far as to say she was going to take them to London with her next week. In the note I popped in with them I asked her to be brutally honest, it might have come across as though I was inviting criticism, maybe even begging for it. In truth I didn't want her say it was good just because it was me that made it. You'll never learn your craft that way.

While frantically searching through my sock draw in a desperate bid to find a pair that matched I found a carrier sack in there containing numerous blocks of Fimo, that I'd obviouly purchased at some point and completely forgotten about there was blue, yellow, flourescent orange, red, green and white. Hmmm, I just decided to have a bash at making some beads at some point, if I'm feeling daring I might try the funky looking millefiori look. Regrettably I don't have any clear varnish right now or I would have done it already, saying that maybe clear nail varnish will suffice I do have that, as long as they are bright, crazy and unique I'll be happy. I gave up on finding a matching pair and grabbed a 'High School Musical' I love TRoy sock and a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' one (please, please don't ask - I don't want to go there). Right now as I type I'm watching 'Ghostbusters 2' and briefly considered making a Fimo Slimer, but there's no way I could do him justice and I certainly don't have enough white to even thinking about attempting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - shame.

I was browsing through the Argos earlier this after just of curiosity to see if they still sold the Soda Stream (they do by the way) and while I had the catalogue in hand I examined the jewellery section to dare I say check out the competition and see what Elizabeth Duke was up, but I was taken aback by the sudden influx of 'celebrities' flaunting 'their very own' lacklustre designs. I'm sorry Coleen but there's no way I'm contributing to your handbag fund by paying £40 for a silver chain with some gold coloured crystal attached to it. Then there's Lily Allen seeking £23 for a 'base metal smiley face pendant'. It's not the prices that bother me so much it's more the unimaginative, flat and complete lack of character these mass produced products have. Now it may sound like I'm going off on a bitter rant but it just bugs me to see some silly ass 'celeb' gurning stupidly modelling their latest money-making scam, especially when you know that they'll never adorn them again. In the jewellery making magazines I
read each month I continue to amazed by some of the tremendous, original pieces sent in by their readers. They are the visual definition of talent, a talent to be envious of and not in the same caliber as the tacky 'celeb endorsed' nonsense that are an insult to every true jewellery maker. I just read that back, it does really sound like I'm having some sort of period induced rant doesn't it? Please someone agree with me, there must be someone who does surely, I'm not the angry, bitter, twisted person I sound like - the whole situation wound me up that's all.

It may seem that my ambition to work with resin might really happen, you see I've been doing some research and found that there is actually a kit specifically designed for resin virgins like myself, it comes with everything to get started - right down to the gloves. I showed it Matty and suggested he read it, much to my surprise he did and that initial look of horror and panic that he'd expressed when I first confided that I'd like to try working with such chemicals wasn't there, instead he seemed reassured at the inclusion of the health and safety information. The whole kit costs knocking on £40, which I'll admit is a lot to me living in recession Britain and all that but when funds allow it, it'll be a case of 'look out world resin Helen is has landed' (you best take cover).

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday May 4th, 2010

I sure wish I hadn't got long ball wire earrings in bulk, I've literally got hundreds of them. Yep, I can mae earrings till the cows come home, in fact five of the eight items on my Flickr photostream are ear related. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy my little silly self making them but because I don't have pierced ears (my lobes are way too small apparently)there isn't a whole lot I can do with them. It isn't as thought I can casually flaunt them on a night out secretly yearning for compliments. At present all those featured on my photostream including 'the lonely blue earring' are safely tucked away in generously sized seal-grip bags in little coloured plastic boxes going nowhere. Why couldn't I have got chains, bracelets or even brooch bars? At least then I could've got some use out of them. Still it's my own fault I'm in this predicament but I was just a sucker for a bargain.

My Bank Holiday Monday outing was a surprise trip to Swindon's very own 'Hobbycraft' and all I can say is 'holy hell'. I was there mesmorised by the rows upon rows of rather delicious looking beads, crystals, ribbons, tools and findings - even the plastic storage boxes were enough to get me excited. How could I possibly decide what to purchase? Well I guess my very limited budget would kind of limit my options. It seemed the woman beside me was facing the same dilemma as I, although judging by the way she was stripping the racks putting the goods into an already overflowing basket like she was a contestant on 'Dale Winton's Supermarket Sweep' money clearly wasn't an issue. I wouldn't be human if I said I wasn't jealous, I know it's one of the seven deadly sins but I will confess I was seething with envy. My wicked thought were interrupted at first by a rather obnoxious sneeze followed by Matty coming charging down the aisle demanding that I hurry up. I couldn't blame him really we'd been in there approaching 2 hours, in that time I must've got my daily 10,000 steps just pacing up and down the bead section. Still in a flurry of confusion I told him to pick something for me, he thrust a pack of 'fancy glass beads' in crimson into my hand and escorted me to the counter. Passing the magazines I noticed a copy of 'Creative Beading & Jewellery Design' I'd seen it advertised and knew it was only available in selected specialist bead and craft stores so I snapped it up too. As I was leaving I too a copy of 'Hobbycrafts' jewellery making leaflet because I could, it was free and I need all the help I can get - although I'm slowly becoming a dab hand with the earrings now.