Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Saturday July 24th, 2010

In the past I have always stated that it would be the ultimate dream to make an item of jewellery that people would actually want to wear, so much so that they would be quite willing to pay for that pleasure. When I seriously got into the art of beading only several months ago such a chimera was at that time unattainable, laughable even almost like that of a silly childhood fantasy but whatever it was, it was certainly out of my reach.

But it was on Friday July 23rd when my perceived impossibility actually materialised. On this grey summers day in my native homeland of Bradford (I was there strictly to see family not the sights). At my mum's continual insistence I brought up a box of all my individual creations (that transpires as basically everything on my Flickr page). I remember feeling slightly reluctant to open up pandora's box and reaveal all to her expectant eyes for fear of mockery, laughter or even worse that look of disappointment, confronting my fears I took a very deep breath and waited.

I needn't have worried, for she loved the majority of them (not so keen on the gumball pieces). The relief was immense, turns out she liked them that much she took the charm bracelet, purple rosary beads and the chunky black & purple necklace to work show collegaues, they weren't with her when she returned. Yep, the lot had gone been snapped up straight away, I was dumbfounded; the necklaces sold for a fiver each and the bracelet eight quid. I was so chuffed it was unreal but that was only the beginning. That very same night there was a family gathering to celebrate my grandma & grandad's 50th wedding anniversary and my mum took out a further few bits and I left with a further £15 in return for my handmade crafts bringing the suntotal to a whopping £33. Now that may seem like nothing to the pro's but for an absolute novice it's pretty good not only for the wallet but my ego too.

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