Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wednesday May 26th, 2010

There I've done it, I bit the bullet and finally put my beloved 'Scribblenauts' and its Offial Guidebook up for sale on eBay. Despite playing it and completing it I was still somewhat reluctant to let it go, I don't know why really because I doubt I'd ever play it again (especially with the new 'Professor Layton' game coming out at the rear end of the year). I had been dead set on putting it up on eBay yesterday but I was so bummed out after the death of Paul Gray I didn't bother instead I just ate loads of Sainsbury's Cheese Puffs, amazing aren't they? (for those not in the know Paul Gray was actually the bassist for the legendary band that is SLIPKNOT, of whom I am a very big fan). Selling my worldly goods is my attempt at raising capital for what I've named 'Helen's bead fund'. My target stands at £60, enough to go on a huge splurge that in theory should keep me quiet for a while, in between watching The World Cup of course. As I write (or type rather) my current total stands at...drumroll please...£3.85, ok so it's a start, even Sir Richard Branson had to start somewhere.

I skipped happily up the High Street to purchase the newly released edition of 'Bead Magazine', well there was actually a repatriation today so it was a rather a sombre trip up town, I stood by paying my respects then flitted off home. Nibbling on a scone (I was all out of cheese puffs) I sifted through the magazine and before I knew it all these ideas leapt right at me like thet were fresh salmon. I was particulary interested in the rosary style necklace and think I'm going to very bravely attempt it or at least something that resembles it. Anyone who knows mw will be aware that I don't actually go out to replicate the design entirely, instead I merely use it as a template and add to it my own eccentric personal twist that makes it that bit more unique, the other reason I never copy from others designs is that in my case the piece will never end up looking as good as the one I'm copying. Amongst its pages were also some rather delightful seed bead pieces, now I will learn this trade at some point, as soon as finances allow. Back in the day when I was a hardcore novice I didn't entirely understand the idea of seed beads, I was obviously familiar with what they were and what they could be used for, however, I was ignorant to the concept of sizing so blissfully unaware I went out and bought loads pf them. On further examination I remember thinking 'good golly gosh, they are a trifle small' being a glasses wearer I could only just about see them let alone bead myself a masterpiece. Anyhow it later transpired that I'd only gone and bought 15/0 the smallest size going and for that reason they're pretty much useless, still you live, you learn.

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