Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday May 4th, 2010

I sure wish I hadn't got long ball wire earrings in bulk, I've literally got hundreds of them. Yep, I can mae earrings till the cows come home, in fact five of the eight items on my Flickr photostream are ear related. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy my little silly self making them but because I don't have pierced ears (my lobes are way too small apparently)there isn't a whole lot I can do with them. It isn't as thought I can casually flaunt them on a night out secretly yearning for compliments. At present all those featured on my photostream including 'the lonely blue earring' are safely tucked away in generously sized seal-grip bags in little coloured plastic boxes going nowhere. Why couldn't I have got chains, bracelets or even brooch bars? At least then I could've got some use out of them. Still it's my own fault I'm in this predicament but I was just a sucker for a bargain.

My Bank Holiday Monday outing was a surprise trip to Swindon's very own 'Hobbycraft' and all I can say is 'holy hell'. I was there mesmorised by the rows upon rows of rather delicious looking beads, crystals, ribbons, tools and findings - even the plastic storage boxes were enough to get me excited. How could I possibly decide what to purchase? Well I guess my very limited budget would kind of limit my options. It seemed the woman beside me was facing the same dilemma as I, although judging by the way she was stripping the racks putting the goods into an already overflowing basket like she was a contestant on 'Dale Winton's Supermarket Sweep' money clearly wasn't an issue. I wouldn't be human if I said I wasn't jealous, I know it's one of the seven deadly sins but I will confess I was seething with envy. My wicked thought were interrupted at first by a rather obnoxious sneeze followed by Matty coming charging down the aisle demanding that I hurry up. I couldn't blame him really we'd been in there approaching 2 hours, in that time I must've got my daily 10,000 steps just pacing up and down the bead section. Still in a flurry of confusion I told him to pick something for me, he thrust a pack of 'fancy glass beads' in crimson into my hand and escorted me to the counter. Passing the magazines I noticed a copy of 'Creative Beading & Jewellery Design' I'd seen it advertised and knew it was only available in selected specialist bead and craft stores so I snapped it up too. As I was leaving I too a copy of 'Hobbycrafts' jewellery making leaflet because I could, it was free and I need all the help I can get - although I'm slowly becoming a dab hand with the earrings now.

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