Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Friday November 5th, 2010 (bonfire night) 50 DAYS TILL XMAS

Less than a month to go now, less than a fortnight in point of fact and I am really starting to get tremendously nervous about the whole situation. I am kinda excited about the prospect of hosting my own jewellery stall but as it stands my doubts, nerves and lack of confidence are clearly overshadowing those feelings. I guess every other fellow beader must encouter such thoughts at some point in their beading world.

The primary reason for my feelings of doubt is probably due to the fact that I have only been seriously into the art of jewellery making since March, yep that's all a mere 8 months. In that time I have had NO lessons (primary due to lack of funds, self-taught all the way, not that I'm bragging about that it's why I'm worrying because I'm not 100% certain if I'm doing things correctly, if there are any other alternative techniques I could be using, you know that kind of thing. With me it's simply a case of looking through the books and magazines, trying out their ideas and just hoping for the best, trial and error really.

Then again it could be said that I have certainly progressed since March and the days of the 'lonely blue earring', my Flickr page is evidence of that I've got approaching 100 things up there and my current profits have exceeded £150 as it stands. Yeah, I think I'll quit the whining I guess there must be some very talented crafters out there who would love to seize an opportunity like I have. Whatever happens whether it's a great success or a complete disaster it will be an experience, a learning curve for sure. When I chose to record my experiences as novice the thought of something like this happening to me so soon never even crossed my mind, so it's going to be an interesting affair, even beyond my expectations. I'm going to be writing in here now every day up until the stall and for a while afterwards too, I want to get all my thoughts and feelings together, all out in the open it'll clear my head then and hopefully help me or at least that's the idea.

After much recommendation I finally ordered a copy of 'It's All About the Beads' by Barbara Case.

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