Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Saturday November 6th, 2010

I've just spent the last 2 hours going through my bead box, just running all the beads through my fingers in a bid for sudden inspiration, it was at that point I realised that for a while now I'd been making a rather foolish mistake, which has kind of dropped me right in it. In my sacred box are vast numbers of beads, what I think are 'pretty' beads, ones i got because I liked them but my fatal flaw was that because I liked them so much I've been very reluctant to use them so I haven't. Now the sentiment has gone I really want to put them to use but like a fool I only purchased 1 of each and I'm troubled as to what to do with them, earrings aren't really a possibility, maybe I could make a bracelet using the eye pin and jump ring method, I don't want it to look naff, like I've just whacked a bunch of beads together, I want it to look unique you see. Inside the mags and books I see pieces made from quaint matching beads and I don't have that, just a mis-matched box of 'bead soup' I guess that would kind of be an appropriate way to sum it up. As I was sat there playing with them whilst eating all the caramel kegs I'd sneaked from the Roses tin I thought that if I were to give this jumbled box to a pro beader like you see in the 'bead soup challenges' what would they come up with?

Today I received a copy of the mail order catalogue from Bijoux Beads based in Bath, I'm reaching the big 30 next month so I've convinced Matty to go to Bath for the day so I thought I'd get a sneak preview of what they had to offer, the fact that there are several bead shops there is merely a coincidence - honest, I had no idea ;)

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  1. Post a pic of your bead soup! If you're off to Bath, you'll have plenty to choose from to pair them off, right? :)