Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thursday April 29th, 2010

I've just completed my shopping list, this is the fourth time I've done it now and what started off at £15 has now worked its way up to almost £45 including P&P of course. The reason? Well I was sheltering from the rain in the local library where I was leafing through some of the various pamphlets and brochures on local places of interest, it was while I was looking at an image of Stonehenge that I had another one of those eureka moments. I wanted to put together some form of multi-strand bracelet with maybe three strands (four if I'm feeling ambitious. The theme I've chosen is
Luck of the Irish and it's going to consist of a variety of green beads, whether they be seed, round, cubes, fire polished, bugles, plastic, glass or pearl (I would have put Swarovski Crystal but I'm on a budget), they just have to br green in order to qualify. Now not only on these three strands will there be a mish-mash of green beadage but also several silver 'good luck' charms (hence the theme), including horseshoes, leprechauns, four-leaf clover, coins even a pot of gold (alright, a glass vial with gold glitter inside). Now all of these will be thread on beading wire (coloured green of course). When the rain finally stops I scurry down to 'Pink & Dizzy' an awesome bead shop I'm lucky enough to have just up the road and spent all my loose change, and yes some of those purchases were green. It's quite cool really because for those who neither know or care my favourite colour is green and I've been thinking of ways in which I could use it.

I know I can confide in you dearest blog, do you know what I was thinking earlier, you'll never believe it but I was thinking about what designs I'd have on my business cards and then, oh yes it gets worse I went on concluding that when I sold something I'd package it in a kids party bag as opposed to the traditional transparent bags. Then it was reality check, I was like woah, woah, woah, slow down, slow down, slow down, my brain was having a Usain Bolt moment leaving me still at the starting line. I'm embarrased to admit I even had thoughts like that, I'm blushing at the very thought of it. Shame on me.

At least now I've got that damn Wham song out of my head.

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