Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday April 23rd, 2010

Oh diary I am so consumed with discontent, for here I sit in my bed chamber quite literally surrounded by Tupperwear boxes overflowing with beads, sandwich bags filled with various findings, pairs of pliers randomly scattered about the bed linen alongside stacks of craft magazines. Yet all that lies before me is a sketchbook, it's crisp white, virginal pages remain untouched. My creative mind is a blank canvas. I'm sure there must be a word or term for this; jewellery makers block perhaps? That doesn't quite sound right does it? Not snappy enough, just consulted a magazine it is actually referred to as 'beaders block' you see I'm catching on, learning the lingo.

Last night, however, I did actually create 2 pieces, well pairs of earrings under the themes of 'Strawberry Fields' and 'Winter's Tale' for the former I just used a variety of red and green beads, for the latter I opted for a number of wintery related colours white, silver, grey, clear, lilac and even a very light pink. Now I am not one to boast but I was pretty pleased with the my efforts, so much so that I abruptly sought the balls to put them up on the gallery of he 'Bead Buddies' forum for all to see. So with the pictues taken I set about the task in hand then my eyes fell upon the works of my fellow beaders, astounded and amazed by the gems they had created I logged off immediately, painfully concluding that I still have a long, long way to go.

And now here I sit in solitude, patiently waiting for an idea to leap out right at me like a fresh salmon. My silver foil lined heart beads are staring at me, taunting me with their fiendish glint. Averting my gaze I look round the room Mui Mui the hamster is ferociously attacking a floret of broccoli, next to the laptop lies 'World of Warcraft' (I swear on my round nose pliers that's NOT mine), an emptied bag of pick 'n' mix, the case for 'Professor Layton & Pandora's Box' (which IS mine). Gingerly I picked it up and started flicking through the inserts and that was when it happened, I felt like jumping on the bed shouting 'eureka', it was the equivalent of Bradford City scoring a goal (not an own goal), it was clearly a euphoric moment. I took a swig of Lucozade and tore open a bag of Haribo I'd been saving for such an occasion and once the initial merriement was over I picked up my sharpened pencil and began to draw...


  1. Ohhhhh...please come and share your pictures with us in Bead Buddies. We are all very friendly and supportive, please don't be shy about your jewellery, we all had to start somewhere.

    Love your first blog, can't wait to read more :0)


  2. Yes, ditto - we dont bite and wont laugh -promise!!