Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday April 25th, 2010

Hmmm, I guess it could work, in fact I'm pretty sure it will. I'm referring to the outcome of my infamous eureka moment, since that Friday evening this latest piece of wizardry has been re-drawn three times (although to be honest it doesn't matter how many times it's done my seahorse still looks more like a Brontosaurus) and now I've just finished expertly colouring it in with my finest Crayola colouring pencils. Incredibly the inspiration behind it came from VH1 and The Police classic 'Message in a Bottle'. I guess you're kinda curious as to what it is, am I right? Well it's simply a silver charm bracelet (as my entries progress you will no doubt learm of my obsession with them) that will feature numerous nautical charms, fish, boats, shells, seahorse/dinosaur, palm trees etc, then a number of golden and blue coloured charms to represent the beach (but I'm sure you figured that out), then finally the focal piece will be a glass vial containing a tiny rolled up piece paper stained with tea (for that aged and vintage look) and well that's it. The drawing in my sketchbook is pretty laughable but the cool thing about being a bad drawer is that you can almost guarantee that the finished product will always look better than the one on paper.

Today I had been initially planning to do some serious work on my wire wrapping but this had to be suspended due the reason being that I'd bitten my thumbnail down way too far and it hurts like hell, even writing is a struggle. Amazing isn't it how thumbs are taken for granted, they may seem small and insignificant but when they're down and immobile you really miss them. Get well soon thumb I need you. I was working my way through the Sunday supplements, (I swear it's crazy how many you get, you want a simple Sunday newspaper but each one seems to come with a trees worth of extras) in one particular magazine I spotted a rather delicious looking pink necklace, seeing it's accompanying price tag I recoiled in horror. 'I could make that easily' I scoffed out loud, alright so I couldn't but that still didn't justify it's ludicrous price tag.

I think I'm going display some of my creations up on the beaders forum, scared as I am it's the only way my works will ever really get seen. Believe it or not fellow beaders I don't actually wear jewellery at all so I can't shamelessly promote myself by flaunting my creations, so it looks like pix are what it's going to be - I will be nervous though.


  1. sounds like a really interesting project - cant wait to see the finished item - especially the seahorse/brontosaurus - lol

  2. You will amaze yourself at what you can achieve when you put your crafty mind to it :) can't wait to see some of your pieces!