Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wednesday April 28th, 2010

Right they're both done now, I've just been adding the finishing touches to my latest creation; a simple pair of Autumn style earrings (check out if you want to see them - there's nothing like a bit of shameless self-publicity). Now these were not the the outcome of a cartwheel turning eureka moment as with my previous ideas. I was simply browsing through my loyal Tupperware, mulling over what beads I already had and just whacked something together. I've come to terms with the fact that the 'Message in a Bottle' project has been put on hold due to the fact that I have barely any of the necessary beads or charms I'd need and nor can I afford to (victim of the recession you see beaders). Making those earrings was also the first ever time I've used crimp beads - ever, please bear that in mind if you do take the time to look at them

Today, however, I did eventually get round to paying of my library fine of £2.21 so I rented out 8 books of the art of beading and jewellery making woo-hoo. Matty (my boyfriend as I live with him and he graciously contributes towards this new found habit I best give him a name) will be most displeased, he often complains that my Tupperware and tools take up enough space as it is. My thumb is all better now but I've noticed gradually that the sun is once again bleaching my ginger locks turning them kind of a weird strawberry blonde, some may think that's odd but trust me it happens everytime we get sun for more than three consecutive days, it goes back to being unbleached as the Autumn comes in.

I confided in Matty earlier that I was interested in working with epoxy resin, now instead of shaking me warmly by the hand and congratulating me on my willingness to experiment the poor man looked horrified, stating he wouldn't trust me working with chemicals for my own personal safety. I was slightly perplexed at such a reaction because even though I caused a test-tube to violently explode and singed my hair on a bunsen burner I still left school with a grade 'B' in chemistry. But then again how many people can boast to actually almost breaking an arm by falling up the stairs in a completely 100% sober state - exactly, I think I'll wait a while, it's a shame I'm such a dope I had several spiffing ideas using resin as well.

On a safer, more chemical-free note I really want to give bead-weaving a try or working with seed beads in general. In the books and magazines I open them only to see these magnificently woven pieces gazing back at me saying 'you will never be able to make me, never, not in even in your dreams ginger so forget it'. I can't help but feel slightly intimidated, is it hard? (sorry I've got no idea who I'm asking there). If it isn't I could maybe teach myself it, I have masses of seed beads, just no needles or proper beading thread - shame.

Before I go, to the shop that was playing

'FREEDOM' by WHAM I just want you to know that I hate you.

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